Interplay & Vocalplay


InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body.

InterPlay was founded in the USA by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter.  It is a playful community arts practice that helps you reconnect a sense of personal wholeness and creativity through simple movement, story, sound and stillness.


InterPlay is easy, relaxing and fun!  Sessions usually begin with gentle warm-up exercises and typically include a number of InterPlay “forms” - step by step ways of playing with movement, story, sound and stillness. These forms are easy to follow and often involve working in pairs or in small groups.  InterPlay is a great way to connect easily with others in a safe and structured environment.

You don’t need to think of yourself as being creative in order to do InterPlay, but chances are you will find you are more creative than you thought! You get to play a lot with your own life “information.” Sometimes it might simply be a fun story about what you had for breakfast! In InterPlay, there is no "right way" of doing things. You won’t be put on the spot - you choose your own level of involvement. InterPlay is an easy and creative way to bring together your whole self - body, mind, heart and spirit.

InterPlay is firmly based in looking for the good. In everyday life, criticism is often an all too present reality. Interplay encourages acceptance and reflection so we can really explore our personal creativity and potential in all aspects of life.

InterPlay can help you develop your abilities:

~ to express yourself
~ to play again and simply have fun
~ to connect and collaborate with others
~ to make stuff up on the spot
~ to expand your personal awareness
~ to find your creative power
~ to recognise your leadership potential

Fiona is a Certified InterPlay & VocalPlay Leader. She runs InterPlay sessions on zoom, in-person workshops in Blackwood (Vic) & at other locations by request.

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