Sound Experiences

Relax & Reconnect Heart, Mind & Body as you bathe in the pure, vibrational sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls

Fiona offers sound experiences for groups, individuals & organisations. The sound baths she creates centre on her stunning collection of alchemy crystal singing bowls. The pure tones of the crystal bowls are combined with voice, drums, chimes and various other sound healing instruments to produce rich soundscapes that support well-being and relaxation.

Fiona holds a professional diploma in sound healing and is a certified member of the International Instititute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). 

Fiona currently offers regular sound baths at Ballan Yoga & Pilates, Daylesford Healing Massage and St. Martin's Chapel in Blackwood. For details see Events.

If you wish to book a sound bath experience for an individual, group or organisation please Get in Touch.  

Fiona also offers one-to-one sound healing sessions in Blackwood, Melbourne & by arrangement. 

Corporate wellness

Sound baths with Fiona Ross

Sound baths support mental health & wellbeing in the workplace. Benefits include:

~ reduced tension & stress

~ increased self-awareness

~ stronger team relationships 

~ enhanced focus & productivity

~ improved ability to quieten the mind

What to expect
Participants settle in a comfortable position ~ either seated in chairs or lying down ~ while listening to a guided meditation, followed by an immersion in soothing sounds and vibrations. 

Instruments such as Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, voice and chimes relax the body and calm the mind. 

Participants leave the sound bath feeling relaxed, balanced & refreshed.

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Professional Diploma in Sound Healing

Certified Deep Coaching Professional (with the Enneagram)

Enneagram Intensive (Enneagram Worldwide)

Certified InterPlay & VocalPlay Leader

Spiritual Accompaniment (Epiphany Group)

Certified Member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapsts

Advanced Diploma in Professional & Executive Coaching

Other qualifications

Graduate Diploma in Ethnomusicology, University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma in Chinese, University of Melbourne

Masters of Arts, University of Glasgow